Medical Illustration

An illustration adds understanding. It helps clarify concepts that are often difficult to understand by reading text alone. Award winning medical illustrator, Vicky Earle has over 30 years experience creating visual images for the medical, legal and scientific communities in Vancouver and abroad. In addition, she has helped University of British Columbia Departments secure over 11 million dollars in grant funding by leveraging media to underpin key concepts in their research. “Vicky Earle’s anatomical drawings are truly among the best in the business”, Professor Irene Davis, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School.


High standards of accuracy are guaranteed with craftsmanship appropriate for your audience and a wide variety of media:
• Medical & scientific journals and books
• Grant proposals
• Patient education
• Interpretative illustration for medical & surgical procedures
• Presentations (including Prezi and whiteboard animation)
• Medical illustration for legal litigation
Because illustration projects vary widely in scope and complexity, please email for consultation and an estimate.


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